About Us

myUsearch: The College Matchmaker

myUsearch is an online resource dedicated to matching students with colleges and providing accurate college enrollment information.With our college match quiz, we determine your basic needs as a student in order to match you with any of the 7000+ colleges in our database. Our myUsearch blog offers an honest view of choosing a college, applying to college and paying for college.
myUsearch exists to:
  • Reduce the time and money it takes students to find the right college
  • Eliminate student frustrations by limiting the number of colleges that contact them
  • Provide students with the ability to search traditional colleges, vocational schools, career colleges, online colleges, and more
  • Improve college recruiting efficiencies through our objective college matching process
  • Increase access to education by directing 10% of our profits to our scholarship fund
  • Provide honest college recommendations and information about the entire college admissions and enrollment process
myUsearch will reduce student and school frustrations and together we’ll take the first step to build a better education for a better America.