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Our mission: myUsearch exists to increase access to education by improving the college recruiting process. In addition to helping students find their perfect college and colleges find their perfect students, we direct at least 10% of profits to offer scholarships for students. As more people use myUsearch, more scholarships will be available (tell all your friends!). Paying for college is a huge challenge. We hope our scholarships will help.


Unfortunately, does not have any open scholarships at this time, but please check out our scholarship resources or suscribe to our blog for more scholarship information.

Past winners of scholarship moola

College admissions frustrations and how would you change it – $1,000.   Stephanie Sidwell of Colchester, Illinois is a liberal arts major at Spoon River College. Her essay response focused on the problems more nontraditional (or older) students face when trying to enroll in college. Her suggestions for improving the process, such as weighting high school grades based on your age and using an aptitude test for students of a particular age, were concise and realistic for colleges to actually implement. Congratulations Stephanie.The SAT doesn’t measure me…or does it?

Chelsea Lorimor of Palisade, Colorado will attend Mesa State University this fall. Chelsea hopes to study education in order to become a teacher. She plans to return to Palisade after she graduates from college. To learn more about Chelsea’s scholarship essay visit our blog.Scholarship for International and Undocumented Students $1,000
Student X, who must remain anonymous to protect herself and her family, was brought to the US when she was only five months old. She faces great adversity as an undocumented student going to college, but myUsearch believes her perseverance and can-do attitude will help her achieve her dream. To read her entire scholarship essay visit our blog.