Monday, October 14, 2019
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4 Easy Tips to Record More Impressive 360 Videos

As 360-degree cameras have grown to be more affordable, more and more people are starting to record 360 videos of their own. However as you may have realized, recording 360 videos is very different – and it can be challenging to shoot videos that look impressive.

If you want to ensure that the 360 videos you capture look more impressive and really stand out, there are a few easy tips that you should try to follow:

  • Always remember there is no such thing as being ‘behind’ the camera

Unlike conventional videos, you are never ‘behind’ the camera when you are capturing 360 videos. Instead, everything around the camera is captured – including you.

It is important that you are aware of that and make decisions accordingly. If you don’t want to appear as part of the video you should position the camera in advance and control it using a remote. If you are part of the video, you should be aware of that and act accordingly.

  • Keep the camera stationary

When you record 360 videos there is really no reason to pan or tilt as everything surrounding the camera is captured anyway. In fact it is best to keep the camera completely stationary, to avoid making viewers feel disoriented.

Part of the beauty of 360 videos is that the viewer watches them from a first-person perspective and gets to decide how they wish to view the video. Movement will remove that agency from them, and could even make them feel dizzy.

  • Try to record the video from eye-level – or close to it

Because 360 videos are viewed from a first-person perspective, it is best to record videos from (roughly) eye-level. If your camera is positioned too low or too high it will make the perspective feel less natural for viewers, and distract them from the content.

The only exception to this rule is when you intentionally want to place the camera overhead to capture a wider field of view.

  • Eliminate any potential obstructions

Generally 360 videos are most impressive when there are as few obstructions as possible. Try to make sure that there is a decent clearance between the camera and any obstructions, to capture as wide a field of view as possible.

Keep in mind that people wandering too close to the camera can cause a significant obstruction as well – and try to avoid it.

Don’t worry if the video footage that you record isn’t perfect, as you should be able to tidy it up later when you create 360 video from the footage with a good editor. For example you could try Movavi 360 Video Editor.

Make no mistake, 360 videos are an exciting new format and it definitely has a lot of potential to create fresh and unique content. Despite the fact that it is challenging to record impressive 360 videos, by following the tips listed above you should notice an immediate improvement – and can build on that in the future.