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4 Reasons Why You Should Localize Games

Games are based on a premise. They usually reflect the culture of a particular region. However, if you would like to take the game across geographies to specific market it is important to make it relevant to that market. In this context, localization of games holds relevance. Localization means customizing the game to make it suitable to a specific market. Whether it is your desktop game or an app, localization helps to widen your market, increase your sales numbers and also the download rates.

Let’s give you 4 reasons to localize games in order to be in competition which many best rummy websites in India are following.

Reason 1: Increase your sales

It is a known fact that most gamers prefer to download games from rummy game sites that are available in their local language. While the English-speaking gamers constitute a significant chunk, the gamers from other regions also will directly impact your sales. Hence, you’ll need to decide which languages other than English you would want to translate your game too. Take the instance of the popular card game Indian rummy. In certain situations, the game was made available in the Portuguese language too.

Reason 2: Increase game downloads

Positive sales figures are possible when there is growth; and, growth is possible when there is an increase in the games download. In order to increase the download you’ll need to reach to a larger number of gamers. This inherently calls for localization of games. Say for example, when the games are made available in local languages, it is motivating enough for gamers to download the game and play the game. As one of the important steps towards achieving better ROI, rummy sites offering free rummy games and cash rummy understand the importance of localization of the game and its impact on their bottom line. Localization helps you to tune your game in sync with local context in every geographical area.

Reason 3: Connect with the gamers better

The game which is available in the local language and is designed with local content successfully manages to strike a chord with the gamers establishing a great connect with them. With immersive games being at the forefront, establishing a superior gaming experience with immersive features is possible with localization of games by rummy game websites only. A game that is designed and tailor-made with localized content is more successful in connecting with the gamers. Online rummy with localized content reflecting the cultural context of the gamers, has found an astounding acceptance from the gaming community. This is very well reflected in the growing numbers of online rummy players.

Reason 4: To beat the competition

It is tough and competitive out there. Game developers have understood the increasing relevance of localization in order to be competitive and outdo their competitors. Hence, while developing a game localization is an essential part of the game development process. Especially, with mobile gaming happening in a big way, the competition is so fierce in the mobile apps market that gamers cannot afford to play safe. You’ll need to be aggressive to stay ahead.


With gamers having the supreme power to make or break your game, let localization be part of the game development activity to help you forge ahead with increased downloads, sales and user experience.