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5 Reasons More People Are Hiding Their IP Address

First, you need to understand what an IP address is to grasp the concept of this piece. Every time you connect to the internet you need an address, so data packets can find your device. You send out requests for information and to get the information back your internet router or mobile device’s IP address is given. That is all you need to know about an IP address to understand this article.

You can imagine that having an IP address that is sent out all over the internet can be risky. It just takes one hacker to see a weakness in your connection and choose to target your device. You may wonder why a hacker would be interested in your online activity – especially if you never make purchases online. However, if you are actively ordering goods and services online, then you may want to hide your IP.

Here are 5 more reasons why people hide their IP address:

  1. To Watch Movies Online

Some people do not want to pay to watch movies. In order to watch these movies, they need to be able to mask their IP address to the service provider does not see that you are accessing banned or pirate sites.

  1. To Download Torrents

Torrents were rife back in the day, but with new copyright laws coming out all the time eventually they got around to holding internet service providers responsible for allowing their subscribers to connect to torrent services. These days your service provider can completely cut you off if you are downloading torrents in any way shape or form.

To get around this a lot of people have employed the use of VPN software which helps them mask their IP address. The server they are using to download torrents is usually in a country where torrents have not yet been made illegal.

If you do want to get into the world of torrents, make sure you read up on this beforehand because you need to understand how to limit the risks involved in doing so.

  1. To Access Websites from A Foreign Country

In some countries, there are websites that are banned. For example, in many middle eastern countries, social media sites are inaccessible because the government servers that connect the nation to the internet have blocked sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In order to get around this when in the Middle East most people use VPN software to mask their IP address.

Instead, the VPN software will make it look like you are connecting from a device in the US or Europe, so you can easily access your favorite social media sites.

  1. To Avoid Identity Theft

Hackers have many different reasons for stealing people’s personal information. They can sell it to unethical companies that use third-party vendors to do what is known as black hat marketing. This kind of market research is illegal in most countries. However, the big companies looking for a competitive edge will still actively employ an agency to steal people’s information, so they can look for an opportunity to spam you with advertisements about their product or services.

Considering we want this information to be private, and most of us do not want to bombard with advertisements for a holiday to Spain just because a hacker found out you go there every year and sold that information to a travel company.

  1. To Stop People Stealing Your Credit/Debit Card Details

If a hacker has discovered that you are connecting to the internet and making online purchases regularly, he/she may sell that information to another hacker – usually on the Dark Web where information can be sold in exchange for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Then the hacker that now has this information will continuously target your IP address to capture as many packets as possible in order to find out your card details, name, address, and other information. They will also be looking for backdoors into your internet router so they can install spyware on a machine that can help them steal keystroke information, account passwords, and access to your email.

In the end, you could wake up in the morning with email address password changes and your PayPal account and credit cards maxed out. Make sure you look at sites such as cyberghost review to get more info on how you can protect your online activity.