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5 reasons why you need Flex banners

The object of outdoor advertising is to attract attention. The best and most economical way to do this is by using roll up standee. These standee banners are made of a polythene sheet  printed in cmyk colours to give the best print resolution for outdoor advertising. Roll up standee are used for branding and sales promotion in store displays, exhibition stalls or trade fair counters. They are ideal for outdoor usage and are often used as signage at lamp posts, traffic signals, traffic islands etc. Statistics reveal that there has been a 28% increase in production of standee banner over last year.

Now that we are familiar with roll up standee, let us understand why we must use them.

Why do we need roll up standee?

  1.  Economical alternative to big billboards

Outdoor advertising thrives on making it bold and big. But the cost of renting and installing big billboards or hoardings is excessive. Instead, why not use roll up standee which offer the same visibility at lower costs? This is the main reason for using roll up standee. The cost of a single billboard is nearly 100 times the cost of a single flex banner. In short, you can print 1000 flex standee instead of a single billboard. How’s that?

  1. Wider presence

Billboards are best when positioned at prominent  places and big heights. But display spots are highly in demand and cost a packet too! instead by printing flex standee in bulk and hanging them in a  lot of public places like parks, fountains, traffic islands, street lights etc, we can gain visibility to the maximum. Imagine replacing a couple of billboards in the city with a hundred flex standee all over the town. Which has wider reach and penetration- flex standee, of course!

Billboards cover only 10% of the population in a town while flex standee can cater to 90%.

  1.     Repeat recall

In the vast expanse of the city, there is only 1% chance of you passing the same billboard twice in a day. But in contrast, flex standee are placed at every nook and corner. You see them often, you read them often. So you recall them instantly.

The recall quotient of a flex banner is infinitely greater than a  billboard due to its being seen repeatedly.

  1.     Variety of installations

Unlike billboards or hoardings which are mostly horizontal,  roll up standee can be both horizontal or vertical. These banners also have different ways of installation like

  • Hanging between 2 poles
  • Calendar- hanging
  • Ceiling-hanging
  • Wall-mounted
  • Floor standing
  • Mounted on banner stand
  1.    Universal use

Due to their low cost, bulk printing facility and high visibility,  flex standee is used universally for many purposes like

  • Birthday party or wedding celebrations
  • Election meetings
  • Trade fairs
  • Product expos
  • Shop signage or direction board

Wherever they are placed,  flex standee attract attention with their creative designs.

Keep these points in mind while designing a standee banner  with an expert print specialist.

Points to remember while designing a creative standee banner

  1.     The visuals must be extremely attractive and of good resolution
  2.     Use bright colours to catch the eye of the passerby
  3.     Bold lettering should be used
  4.     Don’t clutter the banner with content
  5.     Print the banner without colour bleeding
  6.     Use digital printing for the best results.
  7.     Print in different sizes to hang both ways- horizontally or vertically.
  8.     Print in bulk to gain a price advantage.

Print fantastic roll up standee from the best digital printing specialists and  hang them at all the prominent spots in town and watch them become a feast for the eyes.