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5 Remarkable Museum Tour in Yogyakarta

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Yogyakarta offers many tourism places, and it’s the best city for many backpackers around the world. The Museum is among the popular tourist areas. It is a place where you can be a witness of civilization and the history of Yogyakarta. As you know, Yogyakarta has strong Javanese ambiance, and you can learn it all through Museum Tour at Yogyakarta. Here are 5 remarkable museum tour in Yogyakarta.

Fort Vredeburg Museum

It is the most accessible museums available in this city. Located right in the center of the town at 0 km. The building adapted Dutch architecture. Fort Vredeburg does not become the fort, but it will become the place to maintain history reflected from the dioramas. Those will inform about Indonesian heroes’ struggle to resist against colonialist. You can observe the uniforms, photographs, and other heritages left from personalities and the colonialist.

Batik Museum

As you know, Batik is considered as a World Heritage by the UNESCO. You need to go to this Museum if you want to know about Batik more. That is because you will see much or several Batik set, From different regions throughout Indonesia. Because every area has its own pattern when it comes to Batik It’s. There are lots of types of gear that matters, like fabrics and designs, stored.

Kekayon Puppet Museum

For historical Puppet exist, kekayon Museum was storage. There so much Set from the material of Puppet collection. For one who enjoys studying about Puppets comprehension, This is the place you need to visit when you arrive in Yogyakarta. Located close to the airport, this place provides a museum trip.

Ullen Sentalu Museum

The Museum includes everything about Royal Ancestors fashion from time to time. The Museum is featuring life and the lifestyle from The Mataram’s Dynasty. In the Ullen Sentalu Museum, it is possible to see how the Javanese ancestors, made Batik with profound meaning in each style.

This building has an artistic style of architecture. In the front, it is just like a temple. The ambiance like to make the people carried away to the era of early Java. The hills around there’s atmosphere and trees make people feel at home.

Keraton Carriage Museum

When you arrived here, you’ll be shown the carriage of this ancestor. The Museum is collecting Royal’s carriage for its use on formal events. No need to spend on the pricey ticket here. For just a small quantity of money, you’ll see the pair of Royal’s transportation.

Museum Tour in Yogyakarta will help you to know about the history and civilization of Yogyakarta. Without even spending money you can get it all in this town, and you’re going to get more knowledge.