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50 Euro are enough to decorate every area of ​​the house!

Just 50 euros will be needed to transform the whole house this spring. See great, easy, economical and original ideas that will make you want to implement them right away.

Decorating a wall without wallpaper and without painting Wall painting or wallpapering may not be in your immediate plans because of your financial situation or because you are renting and not allowed by the owner of the house. What you can do, however, is to decorate your walls in the ways we recommend below and at a very low cost.

0 – 10 € With colors that have outgrown past paintings or buying 1kg of paint from a color shop, you can give a colorful touch to all areas of the house without having to paint a whole wall. Choose a bright color if the color of the rest of the house is in more open and pale shades and dye only the inside of the room’s room. Be careful as this can only be done when the door frame can be dyed as usual on old doors.

10 € Take small pieces of upholstery that may have gotten you off or fabrics of your choice and stick them with special films for posters that when they go off do not leave any signs on the walls. Cut 3-4 pieces of the same size and stick them to a large wall leaving about 10 cm apart. Glue around the perimeter and make them look like canvases. If your wall is light-colored then you can prefer some wallpaper in color.

If, on the other hand, your wall is painted in a lustrous hue you can put a bright black and white pattern rather than a colored. A very nice idea is to do it by covering a large surface area thus defining an area within your home. Even hanging a 1-2 frames in this big table you’ve created will give you enough depth in the space to make it even more beautiful.

0-50 € This year’s trend is the decoration with maps. You can decorate any space in the house by putting maps either in wallpaper, on stickers or on fabrics. A more cost effective solution is to buy poster prints online with themes of the maps you already have from different places you’ve visited.

0-5 € Use the knitting hair that has gone out of your way and you usually never get to make something else to decorate a wall. You will immediately see your wall transform into a beautiful, colorful work of art. If, in fact, you have hair in similar colors, place it side by side to make the final result clearer. To hang them, use simple plastic hooks with double-sided tape.

Decorating with old books that have a thick cover will help a wall that is not freshly transformed into a vintage wall very nicely decorated. If your decoration contains classic furniture will take off the space and give a more contemporary note. All you have to do is fold the pages of each book one by one in the same way. Depending on the folding mode you choose for each book, a different three-dimensional drawing will also be created. Hang them easily with shreds designed for hanging frames and also easily removed without creating a problem on the wall. If you want, a more intense color effect, you can try doing it with magazines.

Other decorative ideas

0 € If the colors on the walls of your home are not what you would like or are very intense then surely a library with many books does not help in a beautiful decorative effect. This is because the covers of your books create a multicolor that may make the final result even more intense. What you can do is turn your books from the reverse side.