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7 sensational gift box designs

Gifting needs no season or any reason. All you have to do is to feel like gifting and the next thing you know you will be off to buy a gift. But how to build the element of suspense for your gift? By packing it in a unique paper gift box of course!

Weddings, birthday parties or even formal company meetings offer return gifts to the participants or guests. Packing them in artistically-designed paper gift boxes lends a distinctive touch and speaks volumes of your taste.

Paper gift boxes come in attractive shapes when they are crafted by experts and can be customized to suit your need and occasion. Let us take a look at some of the different kinds of paper gift box.

Different kinds of Creative Paper gift box

  1. Purse gift box

Women are wonderful ones who are always showered with gifts. Warm a woman’s heart by packing her gift in this purse gift box. Attractively designed as an elegant purse, this gift box comes with a sturdy handle to make it easy to carry.  Customize it in her favourite colour and she is going to preserve it much more than the gift!  Tuck in a personal message and fill it with chocolates or trinkets which she will really love! Make it personal but do pick up this purse gift box for sure.

  1. Pyramid Gift Box

A pyramid symbolizes one’s ascent to glory or the harmony within. Pyramids are often used as Feng shui objects at homes to cleanse the environ and reduce stress.

Crafting a gift box like a pyramid not only heightens its design element but also shows your clarity of thought. These pyramid gift boxes are ideal for packing corporate gifts as they reflect your noble intentions and made more meaning to your gift.

Customize these pyramid gift boxes to your taste with the help of your print specialist and watch them adorn the receiver’s home as even objects of art!

  1. Clutch gift Box

It’s party time and there are bound to be lots of classy and chic women to brighten up the show. Why not present a small memento in this elite clutch gift box? Women would love to hold this clutch box which looks uber-cool and ultra-chic! Make your party memorable by offering gifts packed in this gorgeous clutch gift box.

  1. Minaret gift box

It’s festive time – EId, Ramadan or Iftar time. Gifts have to be exchanged as a token of affection among your loved ones. Make them extra special by packing them in this minaret gift box that lends a touch of spirituality to your gift. Your relatives are bound to preserve this box carefully with happy memories.

  1. Handbag gift box

Ideal for teenage girls and older women, these handbag gift boxes can be used for packing return gifts at girl-celebrations like Mehendi functions, sangeet occasions, bridal or baby showers or just a bachelorette hen party. Women just love handbags and they would definitely grab this handbag box with a sturdy handle. Trendy yet thoughtful, this handbag gift box would be endearing to many.

6.Pillow bag

Want to wrap your gift in something personal and unconventional? Choose this pillow gift box to pack your lovable present for your loved ones- your sweetheart, boyfriend, husband, wife or even little kids.

Available in 2 options- with and without handle, this cute pillow box has the perfect dimensions to pack a sizeable present.

  1. Toffee gift box

Here comes the best- a toffee gift box. Children are going to go into raptures on seeing this. The excitement builds when they see their goodies packed in this toffee box at birthdays. So next time you plan for a birthday, don’t forget this toffee gift box.

Apart from this, tetra pack and boxy types of gift boxes too are available which can be customized to your taste.

The best part of gifting is watching the receiver open his gift packing with excitement. Creative paper gift boxes like these add suspense, surprise and a special touch to your gifts.