Monday, September 16, 2019
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Airtel Prepaid Recharge amidst Sustainable Environmental Policies

We all enjoy the power of digitization and electronic money. With Airtel Prepaid Recharge we can sit in the comfort of our homes and offices in this maddening heat and enjoy uninterrupted cellular connectivity. But what about the environment- who is taking care of it? Is it being protected and safe-guarded by the giant mobile phone service providers?

Using cell phones have given us enough freedom and power to carry out Airtel Prepaid Recharge anywhere, anytime. But itaffects adversely the environment. So much so, that the Greenpeace International in 2012 issued the green initiatives that the electronic companies in general including cellular operators should follow:-

  1. Companies need to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.
  2. Clean their products of all hazardous substances
  3. Recycle products responsibly once they are not used
  4. End use of unsustainable materials used in making products and packaging

Bharti Airtel is a leader in the Indian telecommunication industry and has led the way for acting responsibly in protecting the environment from further damage. Some of the key initiatives are:-

  1. Is working to minimize waste and ensuring proper disposal of waste and recycling of obsolete items.
  2. Use of battery power first in the absence of grid power, especially in rural areas of the country. Once the battery dries up, generators are used and run with diesel.
  3. The use of alternate sources of power like solar energy and using diesel only as a last resort. As per a statement issued by the company, they have already deployed the solar panel systems at 1050 sites that have helped save some good million liters of diesel and money too. It is the only telecom company in India that has 3 MWT of solar capacity on their network that generates almost 5 million units of electricity every year.
  4. Have implemented integrated power management system and variable speed DC generators to reduce the use of diesel.
  5. Have reduced use of air conditioners by installing free cooling units across numerous sites in the country there by reducing load and consumption of electricity and diesel.
  6. The other interesting initiative of the company is the Green Tower P7 programme for 22000 tower sites especially in villages and in areas where there is lack of grid power. This is one of largest initiative around the world too and has the distinction of creating the largest green footprint in India by a telecommunication company.
  7. Installed solar hot water generator at its head office in Gurgaon for meeting hot water requirements of the cafeteria and washrooms.

It is also one of the few companies that have introduced the concept of sharing passive infrastructure by working in collaboration with their competition to share mobile towers to collectively reduce the carbon footprint.

So the next time when you sit down to have your Airtel prepaid recharge done take pride in the fact that your service provider has been setting examples for other electronic and telecom companies to adopt sustainable environment policies.