Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Cockroaches getting you down? Try this

All it takes is a can of Mortein cockroach killer spray to bring the creepy crawlies to their knees.

If there is one creature you should be wary of, it is the cockroach.

It is a tenacious animal, immune to most poisons and baits. They are immensely hardy since they thrive on most things, whether it is fresh food or rotting garbage. They even eat other dead animals, including cockroaches! If you spy an open drain or manhole, you will notice that it is overrun with cockroaches. They are always found in places of deep filth and disease, and they feed off practically everything.

The problem is that the cockroaches, by living in drains, gutters and trash cans, carry a lot of germs and dirt on their bodies and the fine hair on their legs. When the same creature enters your home, these germs and dirt are transferred to the surfaces in your house. They may also be transferred to your food, if the cockroach walks over fruit kept in a fruit basket, or even open cups of tea or coffee. Ingesting the contaminated food or drink, or using crockery and cutlery that roaches have walked on, can make you really sick. Cockroaches are known to cause allergy flares, respiratory distress and gastroenteritis.

When you spot even one cockroach in the house, it is time to take immediate preventive action. Where there is one, there will soon be several – cockroaches multiply rapidly!

Exercising cockroach control – the Mortein way

Though cockroaches are hardy creatures that cannot be killed easily – they are also difficult to squash – there is a way to kill them within minutes. Just arm yourself with a can of cockroach control and killer spray like Mortein, and you are all set to wage war on the roaches.

  • Follow the cockroach to see where it hides. If it takes refuge under the furniture, don’t wait any more and zap it with Mortein cockroach killer spray. The spray penetrates deep within the creature’s body and causes intense dehydration. The cockroach then starts to die. Only Mortein spray is able to penetrate the sturdy exoskeleton and the oily protective layer on the creature’s body.
  • You will chance upon the cockroach’s nest under the bathroom or kitchen sink, behind the trash can, in the restroom duct, or any dark and humid place that is relatively undisturbed. The cockroach will have a nest and even eggs and babies inside. Use the Mortein cockroach control spray liberally all over the nest. The eggs will also dry up and die out soon, as will the young babies and adults.
  • Remove all sources of nutrition that the cockroach can feed on. This includes keeping the trash can covered. Spray the Mortein cockroach control spray around the trash can and also down the sink and floor drains – these are where roaches lurk the most.
  • Wipe down the kitchen counters and cooking tops with a strong antibacterial solution to repel cockroaches and flies.