Monday, October 14, 2019
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Combine pictures to give a unique look to the pictures

Merging of photos means two or more pictures are combined together to create one picture. Merging photos is one of the editing types which is used by photographers to make their pictures interesting. It gives the picture a professional and cinematic look. There are many photo editing software that helps you to merge photos professionally. Earlier photographers used to use multiple exposures to combine pictures. However, now due to advancement in technology the imagination of the photographer can be converted into reality with photo editing software.

Points that should be kept in mind while combining pictures

  • The photographer should see whether the pictures that are to merged are of the same resolution. If the pictures are of different resolution. The photographer has to first convert one among the two pictures to the size of the other picture.
  • Pictures with different lighting can be merged, but it requires a great amount of hard work. Hence, it is advisable to use pictures that have a similar light source. It makes the work a lot easier.
  • Try to keep the merged picture as simple as possible. Pictures with complex merging will lose its essence and will look dull. Pictures that are added unnecessarily will give a hard time blending them realistically.

How to merge two or more photos?

  • Choose the photos: The photographer should first select the photo based on the imagination of the end result. The two pictures must have something in common that can create a story.
  • Match the size: It is not necessary that the photos selected by you will be similar in size. Before starting with combination process change the size of the picture to the size of the other.
  • Paste the pictures: The photographer should then select the images and paste them in the software. Adjust the size and position accordingly to get the desired outcome.