Sunday, July 21, 2019


The world of content and content marketing has drastically progressed from promoting brands through radio and television broadcast to sending out informative emails and making sales call. The 1990s saw the booming arrival of the internet which completely remodeled the marketing framework.

If there’s anything that has remained consistent in expanding marketing and enabling brands to reach masses ever since the beginning of trade, it is technology and its developing constituents. Be it TV, Telephone, personal computers. With web coming into the picture and conquering every aspect of existence: personal, professional, corporate, technology is being refined steadily by the convenience and demand.

The world is going the mobile route. Instead of watching television people turn to web video subscriptions. Smartphone and mobile apps have made consumer’s life diverse and straightforward.

This shift in consuming information has also led to a significant displacement in creation and implementation of content marketing strategies. Marketers are making sure their inbound marketing remains supremely agile across every channel with digital engineering and analytics.

53 % of business owners say they find content marketing a useful tool for brand promotion and audience-reach. Content marketers are trying to utilize every process by which their content hold the attention of the audience and make them click the link. Hence for their product to sand out of the crowd, there is a critical need for content marketers to create the appropriate content, distribute across powerful platforms, promote it efficiently and yield more conversions. Content marketers realize that incorporating technology into business leads to better brands-consumer communication and subsequently stronger relationship.

Following are the different ways content marketer make use of technology to reach out their potential customers.


A traditional form of digital marketing, email still holds a remarkable position in the content marketing strategies. Content marketing through email is still favored.

ENdorsement of content in email-marketing is consent-based. When a user signs up for a newsletter with a website., they receive a periodic content update from the said site.

Video marketing:

Promoting content through a video enhances the chances of conversions and result in a better rate of interest. The advertiser has the ease of explaining the whats and hows of the product through video marketing and this increases the visiting time for consumers.


Messaging apps are being used abundantly to promote brands by advertisers. The incessant shift in the desire to come up with a more convenient and efficient platform to advertise led to the introduction of chatbots. Chatbots make use of artificial intelligence to give automated replies that offer more personal touch then only other m,marketing platform. With the ability to create human-like response, chatbots are a boon to content marketers. They provide customized and relevant content of high-grade.

Ways in which incorporating technology in content marketing helps reaching a wider audience and getting brand the recognition:

  • Technology is proving fruitful in finding the right audience. Information about the website visitors can be easily tracked through emails and reverse IP lookup.
  • Technology such as website seeking visitors location and company will help in creating tailored content and marketing will be customized.Shopping website is using this information and instantly roll out offer available in the particular location leading to an increased possibility of immediate sales.
  • Use of advanced graphic design tools is helping in creating finely tuned web pages.

 Technology is an indispensable part of content creation and marketing.