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Different types of chairs for your home

Chairs for your home are available in various types, with chairs to suit all types of space and need. Here are some types of chairs that you can use in your living room.

Winged Chair

This is a very traditional chair type that has been reimagined in many different forms and given a more contemporary feel by many designers of the 20th century.

Winged chairs are unique thanks to their distinctive side panels or “wings” on the back, which were originally to protect from the wind in a room, or excessive heat from a fireplace. Today, wings offer a pleasing surface for resting your head when napping. Winged chairs are perfect for relaxing or reading.

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Occasional Chair

An occasional chair is just that, a chair that is used occasionally. These are usually additional chairs that are used when you entertain guests. Occasional chairs often end up as accent pieces in a room, chosen because the decorative value is more than anything else.

Contemporary Artistic Chair

The 20th century was the perfect time for cutting-edge new technology and groundbreaking design concepts in the world of home d├ęcor and furniture. Furniture form this era remains hugely popular. Take a look at the unique shape and design of the Eames Eiffel Chair, for example, available from

Club Chair

Club chairs are comfortable, upholstered chairs with arms. Have low arms and back and are usually covered with skin. This term originated from 19th century England where the gentlemen’s club had a type of chair for relaxing.

Like many other traditional styles, this style has also been updated. While leather is usually an option, now club chairs are also made of fabric.

Side Chair

Usually, dining room chairs are side chairs. Side chairs are small chairs with a non-upholstered frame. It has a solid frame and may or may not have arms. Seats and backs may or may not be padded. Besides being used in the dining room, side chairs can add additional seating in the living room or other spaces. They are not big like club chairs.

Sandal Chair

Sandal chairs are armless chairs with short legs that make them closer to the ground. This is the low height that sets it apart, and also makes it a comfortable choice for many people.

While initially sandal chairs were used in women’s bedrooms to sit, or to help when getting dressed, they can be found in any room in today’s modern homes.

Chaise lounge

Recliner chairs are very popular for reading and watching media. You can find traditional versions and styles on leather or fabric. The easy chair allows you to lift your legs and relax, then hold the footrests when done.

Chaise Longue

A chaise lounge is basically a long chair, where you can stretch your legs without having to use a backrest. The backrest is usually at a partly-reclined angle, making this the ultimate chair to relax in. Because this chair is about relaxation, you will often find this shape in outdoor furniture.