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Discover Angel Falls in Venezuela

Introducing you to the world’s largest and tallest waterfall… Angel Falls. It is situated in the western region of Canaima National Park is also known ‘Auyantepuy’ or ‘tepuy’ which means water falling from flat mountain generally ending with erect walls. From this area, the formation of Angel falls was build. The water fall is around 979 meter high i.e. 3000 ft.

Angel Falls mark it beginning in the slot canyon which covers the upper portion of water fall that goes around 100 feet, sloping down towards the caves or crevice and then comes out below 150 feet to drop down forcefully. It is highly dangerous to roam around this area because even the smallest drop of this fall is so dangerous that it can be the reason for your death. You compulsory need a guide while standing and witnessing the beautiful site from the top of Angel falls.

This is one of the most beautiful places to visit and roam around. Angel falls comes under that category of the sites which are worth seeing at least once in life. The second part of the waterfall is superb and creates its own world of the cool breeze and natural spray that splash up your entire body even when you are standing at large distance. Those gusts of winds can be felt even above and below the waterfall. It is quite obvious that you may see only the waterfall but as you go closer, you can see canyons, tunnels, caves.

In average or high tide this area is tremendously violent with prominent irregular waves and winds. The winds here are to aggressive which can cause to risk factor, so to avoid the jumpers jumps at the low tide. The high tides are so dangerous that even the professional jumpers across the globe though jumped with the best techniques have been killed in some or the other way.

In the year 1937, the name of the Angel Fall was honored by American aviator who discovered this one of the beautiful wonders of the world. However, it is also well known as “Churun Meru” by the local Pemones and Indians. It is the landmark of Venezuela where millions of people come here. If you are looking for adventures in Venezuela visit this place to explore the country and enjoy an adventure trip. While exploring in the region of this national park you can see many tourists trekking, hiking, experiencing bungee jumping, and lot more. For seeing this spectacular site of AngelFalls, it provides two ways one is from the ariel view in small airplane, and other by sailing from the Carrao River and later Churun river which takes time over three and a half hours. For discovering the are we recommend a 4-day Angel Falls and Canaima Trekking tour. You can also trek from the lush jungle which takes approximately one hour that leads to the bottom of the fall. This place ensures that definitely you will experience one of the alluring and remarkable vacations in lifetime.