Monday, September 16, 2019
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Dodge Trucks Are Love At First Sight

When contemplating buying a new vehicle, the thought of choosing from all of the available makes and models tend to make the choice more difficult.  For a vehicle that loves the highway, and always gives peak performance, we made the decision to purchase a Dodge Ram.  We went down to the Indianapolis Dodge dealership, and were amazed at the inventory that was available.  There were cars, trucks, Sports Utility Vehicles, and vans.  The sales people were more than helpful.  We were invited to look at the trucks on the lot, because that is what we had our hearts set on.  We walked around, and immediately, the truck of my dreams was right before me.  It was the Dodge Ram 2018, 1500 Sport Hydro Blue.

This vehicle was striking with a blue exterior, and a luxurious, rugged interior that featured a modern technological dash with complete lighting.  The Dodge Ram 1500 Sport is a four-door model with full back seat.  The interior has front bucket seats, black cloth with hydro blue stitching.  The test drive was awesome.  It hugged the road, and took curves like a pro.  We had the feeling of riding on air.  The wheels were all black, and added that special touch of class to the truck.  The black hood decal gave the Ram powerful presence from all angles. The tailgate had the Rams Head Logo, while the front grille was in hydro blue.

The sales staff at Indianapolis Dodge explained all of the credit options that they offered, and gave us our choice of the length of time that we wanted to make payments.  We were so excited that we wanted a second test drive before we made a final decision.  Truthfully, we just wanted to feel the highway underneath the truck again.  The drive was a smooth one, and the truck performed like a champ.  We were allowed to take it a little further this time, to really see how well it maneuvered.  It handled great.  Never before had we found a vehicle so quickly that was everything that we expected. 

Our Indianapolis Dodge dealership was the right place to go for unmatched deals in Dodge vehicles.  The deal was made, and we drove out in our new 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Hydro Blue.  It was the color that really got my attention at first, but it was the rugged design, and the top, high quality performance of the truck that sealed the deal.  No vehicle on the highway can outperform our Dodge Ram.  The Dodge family of trucks were built hard, and they play even harder.  They stand out above the rest, and will withstand the challenges of the road.