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Essential Details for the Perfect Penis Enlargement

You are unhappy with the size of your member and have long been wondering how and if it can be enlarged at all? As it turns out, very many men are obsessed with the size of the penis, and changing its size does not have to be dangerous and painful. There are many effective ways to enlarge the penis, which allow you to optically thicken and lengthen the penis by several centimeters. It may be surprising, but it is the penis that is one of the most susceptible to shaping body parts. The use of the big penis supplement comes perfect now.

The Finest Methods

Methods for penis enlargement have been arousing interest among men around the world for years. And although sexologists unequivocally state that size is not the most important thing, gentlemen know their own anyway. We present the most effective ways to increase the size of a member, which can be used by virtually all adult men.

Surgical methods of penis enlargement

Small penis? Enlarge it. Men who have been dreaming of a longer and fatter member for years can use the surgical method of penis enlargement, i.e. traditional surgery. These types of procedures are currently performed in some plastic surgery clinics, and their idea is based on the fact that part of the male member is inside the body (it is attached to the pubic bone), so it does not slide out. The operation involves cutting the appropriate ligaments, which allows you to extract a part of the penis hidden under the shells. A patient who chooses this type of surgery usually leaves the clinic the next day, and after a week reports for sutures.

  • It is worth noting that the operation itself is not all, because stabilizing the effect of elongation involves the necessity to stretch the penis by applying the appropriate load. Usually, specially designed devices are used for this purpose, which allow achieving the maximum result in the form of a longer and fatter member.
  • Surgical penis enlargement has not many facilities in its offer, and the operation itself is associated with the risk of various complications, including erectile dysfunction. The second important issue is the fact that operative penile enlargement produces results (approx. 2-5 cm) mainly at rest. This means that a member in the erection after such surgery generally gains no more than a maximum of 1 cm.

The Conclusion

In addition to classic surgery, men who want to increase their penis size may opt for silicone or laser therapy. The first method is to inject silicone (the same one used for breast augmentation) into your penis. The disadvantage of the procedure is the possibility of sensory loss. In turn, the second method is a minimally invasive surgery using a laser beam, which is carried out on an outpatient basis, under light anesthesia.

Penis lengthening with the help of exercises is quite time consuming, which is why many men give up this type of method even before noticing the first effects. How much can you increase your penis by exercising? Penis enlargement pump effective and inexpensive. In this way, you can extend the penis by an average of 1 cm after the first two months and by about 0.5 cm after the next two. These are, of course, estimated values, and the final result depends primarily on the regularity and frequency of exercises.