Monday, September 16, 2019
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Everything You Need To Know About Load Volume Scanners

Are you a company that requires dead-on weighing of your payload, whether it be on the sending or receiving side? Using only the best laser scanning software and devices, Loadscan’s new Load Volume Scanner (or LVS) brings you the solution to inefficiencies and loss of profits due to the human factor.

The state of the art hardware and software scanning solution is being pioneered by  Loadscan. This is an accurate volume measurement systems that takes 3D images of the payload on a truck and returns the weight metrics to a computer system. These readings are very precise.

This leads to a weighing process that is much more efficient than the alternative weighbridge systems or loadcells that are often inaccurate and require a lot of maintenance. This is because these systems measure the payload physically, which leaves plenty of room for error when calibration is out of sync.

High Standards Produce Guaranteed Precision

All LVS machines have to live up to company standards and testing. This means that they are at the highest standards by the time it reaches the consumer. This is why they can guarantee precision when it comes to assessing payloads with every machine. It takes less than a minute for the LVS to produce precise 3D color depictions capturing payload weights with near-perfect clarity.

What are the Pros of Creating these 3D color depictions?

These color categories of the 3D scans help to separate payload from water which removes the need to pay for water content. Another reason for this categorization is that it gives the clients peace of mind as it’s a physical proof that the readings are precise.

Built-In Precision Monitoring

The software developed by Loadscan has a built-in monitoring system that ensures it always runs effectively and in peak condition. This means that no matter how intense the situation gets (for example large loads or bad weather conditions, etc.), the machine is always able to center itself and continue. This gets rid of the need for any costly and time-consuming servicing needs that other methods might have.

It is due to the faith in the software in conjunction with field testing that the team behind creating the software can guarantee its precision to within 1 percent.

Easy Processing of Information

As soon as the payload has been assessed by the scanner software, the information is relayed to a desktop somewhere off-site like in an office.

The assessments are sent via WiFi, LAN or mobile networks and received by the software loaded on to another device like a desktop or laptop. Once the software has the information it will start compiling it into multiple usable reports – that includes the location of vehicles, the standard of the items being weighed and the various movements of said items.

The information is easily extractible to other programs such as Word or Excel, making it user-friendly.

How long does it take to set up?

It takes less than a day in order to have the system up and running and for you to make your first scan. It is simple to transport and tests can be done within 30 minutes of initial setup.