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Guide Choosing a Standing Desk

If you already know the benefits associated with using a standing desk and the risks that come with being sedentary for extended hours, then you may be looking for a suitable standing desk. In this post, you will learn on what to look in standing desks to ensure that you don’t get a desk that you will end up hating. Read on and get enlightened.

Adjustable Standing Desks

This is the most popular form of standing desks because it allows the users to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. While sitting for extended hours in a day can cause heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity and even shorten life span, standing for extended periods is not good either. Therefore, you should switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. One of the things you should look is how adjustable your standing desk change height. Is it manually, using hydraulics or by use of an electric motor.

Manually Adjustable Standing Desks

In my experience trying and using standing desks, I have come to learn that adjusting your desk manually can cause pain. It may not seem time-consuming when you spend a minute to adjust your desk, but if you are alternating between standing and sitting many times in an hour, then it will add up. You will realize that you may start reducing the amount of switching you do, and eventually you may go back to the former habit: sitting.

Hydraulic Standing Desks

This is the best option if you are looking for a desk that adjusts quietly. They don’t require any strength while adjusting and surprisingly they are found in one of the costliest stand-up desks; Focal Locus.

Electric Adjustable Standing Desks

This remains the most popular type of standing desks, and you should consider a lot of things while going for an electric desk. If you work in a quiet environment, then you should look for a more silent desk.  

Weight Capacity

While this might not look important at the beginning, but if you are going to put several kinds of stuff on your desk, then you should consider the maximum weight your desk can handle. Also note that when calculating the weight, the motor can handle, you should include the table top. Lower end desks will lift as little as 50 pounds while those on the higher end will lift up to 700 pounds.


Also, consider the minimum and maximum height that the desk can handle. This is important for the short and tall individuals. Generally, the range is between 21’’ and 56’’. A perfect desk will allow you to have your elbows on the sides while typing and your forearms angled slightly towards the floor. Ensure the monitor is at the eye level.


Electric desks come with different memory settings, close to what you see on car seats. This means that if you’re sharing your desk with family and friends, you will have between 2 and 4 presets that will save you time when adjusting your desk.


They say that you get what you pay for. However, I have come to realize that not all expensive is good and vice versa. Meaning it isn’t a must that you spend too much on a standing desk. In fact, some affordable desks offer the same qualities as the one you will find on high end standing desks. A good example is the SmartDesk 2 from with its price starting at $349. I will recommend if you are looking for a good quality desk at a low cost.