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Hire a Party Bus for a Romantic Proposal

So you are finally ready to pop the question to that special person in your life. And as most people are familiar with, the engagement proposal is a story that a person will tell to all of their family and friends time after time. It’s nearly as important as the actual wedding day.

This is a moment that will be remembered for a lifetime. So it’s essential to make it as special, unique and unforgettable as possible. Once you have decided to make the leap from partners to being married, it is important to take a moment to really think about when you will propose and how you want to propose.

Are there any special dates coming up for you as a couple? Valentine’s Day is always a popular choice for proposals. Maybe your partner loves going out for their birthday, how fun would it be to consider surprising them with a sparkly engagement ring.

Some people love the idea of celebrating your anniversary date, and an anniversary celebration can mask your true reason to be celebrating. After proposing, be sure to hire a party bus rental service to drive you around for the night to make it an all night celebration.

Maybe you want to keep things a tight lipped secret until the big moment; you can always arrange a limousine to pick you both up after indulging in a romantic dinner date or after the proposal head to your favorite spot.

But no matter how fancy or down to earth your significant other is, the excitement of driving in a limo will make them glow for the rest of the night.

You could even get family and friends involved – ask them to prep a tent with fairy lights and photos that celebrate all the moments leading up to the date of your proposal – intimate dates, holiday, selfies, etc. Once you are on your way to the destination blindfold your fiancé to be, to make sure it is a cute surprise, let your friends and family hide and once a few tears and ‘yes’ has been given, let them spring out and surprise your fiancé.

What to say when proposing:

Be yourself.

What you love most about them.

Tell them how they have affected your life for the better.

Talk about how you see your future together.

And lastly, end with those famous four words.

‘Will you marry me’….!

Whoever said romance is dead, hasn’t truly loved….