Monday, September 16, 2019
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How Crowdfunding Helped Barsha Fight Eye Cancer

Families of all classes and sizes and across all demographics share in common the bonds of love and affection that hold their members together in the first place. And all families everywhere also share the common sense of angst and disaster that affects every single member of that household when major illnesses or the possibility of losing a loved one arises. In these difficult times, families set down examples of outstanding humanness and resilience in the face of trouble to conquer disease and bring back their child, parent, or spouse from the jaws of death.

RudraPratap Das and his wife had to be in this difficult position and they are still learning the ropes of coping with the miserable knowledge that their daughter Sai Barsha is one of the rare victims of retinoblastoma, which translates in layman terms to a tumor in the retina, which is the screen behind our eyeballs that lets us see. Barsha’s eye cancer has taken away her vision and has left her reeling and weak from the shock of the six chemotherapy cycles she has already been through. The little girl has been suffering for over a month now and is wasting away before the very eyes of her helpless parents, who belong to the middle-class and were completely unprepared to meet the financial, physical and emotional upheavals surrounding their daughter’s illness. Most of all, the couple are at their wits’ end as to how they will pay for the chemotherapy cycles Barsha still needs to recover, and how they will find enough money to buy the drugs that the child needs in the months after she is released from the Chennai hospital she has been admitted to. Of course hospital bills have also skyrocketed in the last month and have reached an enormous mark.

In despair RudraPratap looked online for ways to finance Barsha’s treatment, and found a ray of hope when he discovered “Crowdfunding India” and chanced upon crowdfunding website Impact Guru’s platform for raising funds for medical causes like their own. He contacted Impact Guru and was promptly helped by the campaign manager assigned to his fundraiser. He received round the clock support, tips on how to run the fundraiser, and also something he had not expected – help with promoting his campaign on social media that let him reach out to the widest possible body of donors likely to make generous donations. Already funds have started pouring in, and RudraPratap is slowly beginning to believe that saving Barsha will be possible. That’s the magic of crowdfunding!