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How Much Weight Loss Can Be Expected From Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol increases metabolism and help people lose weight. Its formulation was not intended for weight loss but to treat chronic asthma and cardiovascular conditions. It was discovered that using Clen speeds metabolic process, so it became a weight loss drug among dieters and bodybuilders.

How Clen helps in weight loss?

Clen being a beta-2 andrenergic agonist with chemical name Clenbuterol Hydrochloride has a chemical structure of 4-amino alpha-[tert-butylamino methyl]-3 and 5-dichlorobenzyl alcohol monohydrochloride.

The short term effects of Clen are similar to ephedrine or amphetamine. Usage of this drug in any form like syrups, capsules, injections, and pumps can increase heart rate, temperature, perspiration, and blood pressure.

Cellular cAMP [cyclic AMP] levels increases with stimulation of beta 2 receptors. It in turn increases PKA [protein kinase A] activity triggering perilipin and sensitive HSL [lipase] to encourage lipolysis function [fat breakdown process].

Technically, Clen activates an array of pathways that are responsible for fatty acid oxidation process or burning of stored fat in the body. This means more stored fat cells break down and get converted into energy.

Long life

After ingestion Clen stays in your body for a long time [25 to 40 hours]. Its long life allows the positive effect to stay in the body for a lengthy time making you burn more calories and feel more energetic.

Thermogenesis occurs because mitochondria cell gets stimulated. Increase in body temperature makes and releases more energy, which in turn rev up metabolism.

How much weight loss can body builders expect?

Clen supports nutrient repartitioning, so stored fat gets burnt quickly and not the muscles. Therefore, athletes and bodybuilders use it in their cutting cycle to lose excess fat but protect lean muscles. This property is rarely available from other weight loss drugs. Calorie restricted diets or weight loss supplements will cause weight and muscle loss, at the same time.

However, Clen holds a little anabolic and anti-catabolic effect, means muscle tissue break-down gets prevented therefore no energy gets lost while dieting. Moreover, bodybuilders get toned and ripped physique because lean mass increases and fat gets cut, simultaneously. You can read weight loss reviews with Clenbuterol on bodybuilding forums to get an idea of how it works.

Average weight loss –

  • For men – 2 lb/week
  • For women – 1.5 lb/week

Clen dramatically reduces visceral and abdominal fat, so is best option for cutting cycle. It helps in PCT undertaken as a recovery step after conclusion of steroid cycle.

Clen abuse

Overdosing of Clen can trigger side effects, which are generally temporary ones that go away quickly. It includes excessive sweating, face flushes, muscle cramps, anxiety, restlessness, or headaches. Therefore people on medications, children, pregnant ladies, or breastfeeding mothers are not advised to use it.