Monday, September 16, 2019
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How to Organize a Team for your Project

As a project manager, you have a lot to juggle. You’re working to please clients and superiors through your selected group. Anything you can do to work improve operations is what you need. Organizing your staff is the best thing you can do for a successful project. Group calendars, labor scheduling, and project management apps keep everyone in sync.

Group Calendars for Project Management

Digital calendars with group capabilities work great with projects of all types. Many editors use them with their team for writing projects. Contractors also find them useful to break up tasks among their labor. The versatile functions make it easy for teams collaborate and communicate.  Any job with many parts coming together needs a group calendar.

Using an old fashioned calendar would be time consuming to track everyone’s responsibilities. The group calendar lightens your load, making sure each person knows their assignment. With milestones, they can also communicate their progress on each task. That way you have all the information in front of you when the client or your manager asks.

Organizing Staff with Labor Scheduling

You know what each person is doing. Now you need to know when they’re doing it. Most projects these days don’t operate with all workers contributing at the same time. Some need consistent amounts of workflow at different times of the day. Deadlines may also bring a need for around the clock attention. To make sure you reach your goals, use a scheduling system.

Labor scheduling is an automated way of setting up employees for work. It streamlines the process by using a forecasting system. The system calculates how many employees you need at a given day and time to manage the workflow.  It also eliminates hours of manual work. Sick days, vacation requests, and peak times will no longer be a headache for your project.

Project Management Apps to Keep you on Track

It’s common to work from your phone these days. With project management apps, you can stay on top of things on the go. The apps make it easy for you check on your team. Each person who’s a part of the project can also download the app to work remotely. Most of these apps include a chat feature. This helps everyone to communicate without waiting on email responses. A project management mobile app is convenient for everyone on the project to connect.

With project management, all your moving parts must work together. Communication, workflow, and schedules must coordinate for success. Having the right tools makes accomplishing this easy. Help your team focus and lighten your load. Get a group calendar, labor scheduling, and a project management app to organize your team.