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How To Organize Your Garage Before Moving

Moving…where to start? Packing, organizing, preparing, going crazy, unpacking, looking for a new home, adjusting to a new place, the list is endless. One of the parts of packing is packing a garage. Probably, you do not even want to start there because of the mess, but you can organize your garage before moving and your packing and unpacking will be easier. Everything is better when it is organized, a bedroom, kitchen, basement, etc.

First of all, if you need to leave a house and to repair damages before you go, check your garage. Maybe the garage door needs a repair or walls should be re-painted. Most people have tools, garden tools, off-season clothing, sports equipment, bikes, old pieces of furniture…in their garages. That is why it is in most cases a mess inside of it.

Organize your garage before you move

Organizing is half of a job. When it is decluttered, you will pack faster.We know you have a lot of items inside, but to be honest, you will not need all of them, ever. Old, broken, damaged, useless items will just collect the dust. To get rid of all the junk you have, hiring professional rubbish removal services is one of the options you have.

Most garages are full of many unnecessary items, you do not need. So, organizing it the best way to get rid of them

Gather all the supplies and equipment

One room, and a lot of challenges. The first is, to collect all supplies you will need to organize your garage. Before you dive into the process, you will need large garbage bags, cardboard boxes, a broom, cloths for cleaning, packing tape, bubble paper, and moving plastic blankets.

What to do with clutter?

As we mentioned before, the garage has a lot of clutter and is, in most cases, unorganized. You should first decide what will you move to your new house, and what is useless. If you have enough time, organizing a garage sale is a good way to get rid of items and to earn money, at the same time.

After categorizing (what to toss, keep, donate, sell), do basic cleaning. Clean the floor and dust. Put all the items in your driveway, so you will have a clear picture of how many items do you actually have. Choose where to start (usually it is a corner of the garage) and start with one type, for example, sports equipment.

Ask for help

When you move from one apartment to another, it takes a lot of work and focus. Do not be shy to ask your friends or family member to help you with planning, organizing, and packing. It is a job for at least 2 persons. If your friends cannot help, you can always call packing services, and the problem is solved successfully and simple.

Simple garage packing tips and tricks

After you did organize your garage, it is time to pack items and move them. Now, they are separated, and you know what to relocate. So, here are some tips and tricks on how to finish this task with ease and success.

Packing before moving is a job you can escape only if you hire professional packers, so your only job will be to relax

  • Do not forget about safety. If you are moving with young kids, sharp, fragile items, toxic and flammable materials are not for children. They will want to be with you during cleaning and packing, so keep them away or just search for different moving professionals at your service in Grimsby and you will spend time at a safe place with family while someone else will do the job.
  • When you organize your garage before moving, you should know that some items cannot be moved and loaded into a moving truck because they are hazardous. Such as paint, cleaning supplies, propane tanks, gas, oil, batteries, chemicals, pesticides, etc.
  • Before you pack items into a moving box, clean them from dirt and dust. Deep cleaning is not necessary; just make sure it does not have dust.
  • Labeling is the key to a good organization.Label all the boxes on top and on one side and you will know exactly what is inside without opening them.
  • Do not put different items in the same moving box. Forexample, do put Christmasornaments together with jeans. One box-one category.
  • Some tools in the garage you will need before a moving day. Those items should not be packed first.
  • When the packing is over, calculate the size and the weight, so you will know the price of their transport. It is one of the factors that will determine the moving costs.

Find a company to move all your garage stuff

When the whole process with packing and organizing is finally over, it is time to transport all the boxes to your new garage or a storage unit. Transporting all stuff by yourself is difficult, sometimes even impossible if it is a long-distance move. Searching for Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario may be demanding because you cannot give your items to anybody. Find a moving company that is experienced, reliable, reputable, licensed, and insured.

Movers will transport all your items, and leave a garage empty

Knowing that you can organize your garage with professional help, or help form your friends, will make you feel more relaxed. You should not do everything by yourself, alone. Especially hot lifting heavy and large items and you do probably have those types in the garage. You may get injuries or hurt your back. Also, if you have kids, do not let them be in a garage while you are organizing and packing before moving. Safety must be always in the first place.