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Ideas for a Brilliant Stag Do Weekend

When it comes to celebrating a stag do people flock to race tracks such as the F1 Paddock Club Britain at , water sports facilities, comedy clubs, and music gigs – or just for a good night out at the many clubs and late bars. For something special, here are some options you may want to look at.

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Clay-pigeon Shooting

For a lot of guys a crucial ingredient of a good day out is a pull, so here’s your chance. Every time you yell “pull!” another bird comes sailing by. They come at you from all directions so be sure to get your gun up fast enough.

Previous experience isn’t needed – you’ll get full safety instruction and about four dozen shells included in the package. You may be able to book some shooting as part of a package deal with another activity and a hotel stopover.

Formula One

Why not save up and spend the weekend enjoying the delights of Formula One in style at one of the VIP clubs in the UK at Silverstone or perhaps visit one of the tracks abroad and enjoy the sites of that country at the same time.

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Quad Biking

There are several courses around the country, as well as indoor and outdoor places to use go-carts, buggies and other trail vehicles. Again, you can often combine an hour or two quad-biking with other activities.

A Day at the Races

No, not the Marx brothers film, but a proper day at the track trying your luck. Visit an internationally respected horse racing course with facilities to host private parties in its hospitality suites afterward. Gather together your mates and see who can make themselves some money betting on the horses or perhaps dogs if you prefer to watch greyhound racing.


At many locations throughout the UK you can find river cruises taking place both that are manned and those where you can hire a boat for the day. There are even party boats designed specifically for these sorts of locations that you and a group of your friends can travel on for an evening.

White-water Rafting

Why not take part in some adrenaline fuelled white water rafting at a seaside location and jet around the water with your mates.

Whatever you choose to do on a stag do it is bound to be a memorable event.