Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Is The Dark Web Real?

In the modern world, the terms Dark Web and Deep Web have become common with the use of the Internet. And now every geek wants to know about the dark web. And be there with all their adventurous spirit. They want to explore the world of Dark Web and gather the secret information stored there. But have you ever wondered about the dark web being real? Let us find it out in this post.

Dark Web: Similar to Surface Web?

At times you might have thought of dark web being imaginary. But this is not at all true. Although there are a lot of sites on the surface web that are similar to those of dark web. Yet, no legal action has taken against them since years.

You might be well aware that you can buy/sell drugs, guns, ammo, etc. through dark web illegally using the encryption software. But deep web sites like them are available on the surface web as well. They are used on a regular basis to buy/sell weed, drugs, ammo, etc. and nobody gives a shit about it.

But all this does not mean that there is nothing like Dark Web. The websites that are not indexed by any search engines and can only be accessed using some encryption tools like TOR fall under the category of Dark Web. These websites are mostly used for illegal dealing of drugs, weapons, etc.

Dark Web: A Myth?

If you have ever been to the dark web, you know this very well that dark web is real. And even the dangerous and hilarious stories are true. And from the definition of Dark Web, it is obvious that the dark web is real. But there are some myths about Dark Web and Deep Web that you should not trust. Some of those points have been cleared here. Have a look at them:

  • Dark Web is run by criminals: Dark web is basically the collection of web pages not indexed by Google. This doesn’t mean that criminals run them. The reality is that there are many websites that fall under Dark Web are run reputed companies and organizations. Even some governments use Dark Web to hide their content.
  • Dark Web is Completely Free to Access: This is true that Deep Web is mostly free to access. But there are a lot of web pages that require you to pay in order to access their content. These categories mostly include subscription content creators like newspapers, magazines, and a few membership required sites.
  • Dark web is completely unsafe: Although Deep Web is safe up to an extent, you can’t tell the truth about the Dark Web. As you are not at all protected while you access Dark Web. Anything illegal can happen and you are 95% of the times unsafe on Dark Web. Your privacy can be harmed in many ways.

All the points mentioned above make the point clear that Dark Web is real. It can be accessed with proper required methods. But still there are a lot of myths about Dark Web that need to be clear before you access the Dark Web.