Monday, September 16, 2019
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Making Use of a Smaller Bar or Restaurant Space With Sliding Doors

Sliding barn doors are an excellent way to enhance a small bar or restaurant, by both adding a contemporary appearance and increasing the utility of your interior space. Easily fit into both rustic and modern decor, sliding door hardware can be fit into any building. 

Adding Drama to Your Decor

Large, sliding barn doors are a noticeable addition to any space, especially for those who want to create a “high impact” look with minimal resources. Sliding doors can be elegant and innocuous or scaled up large enough that they take up most of a wall. Either way, they’re unique. If you want people to talk about your restaurant or bar’s decor, sliding doors can be an excellent option.

Sliding doors are often seen in rustic wood designs, but they can also be made out of sheet metal, plastic, or any other material — perfect for matching decor to any location. A brightly colored, plastic door can be used as the focal point in a contemporary, fusion restaurant, while a dark-stained mahogany door may be the better choice for a sophisticated, classic steak house.  

By incorporating glass into your sliding doors, you can contribute to the “openness” of the space while also making it easier for staff and guests to see inside of the next area without sound traveling back and forth.

Improving the Utility of Your Space

Because sliding doors move to the side rather than outward, they make it easier for staff members to traverse busy locations. Tables and chairs can be placed in more of the space than otherwise, because they aren’t going to have to compensate for doors swinging open and closed. As long as you have additional doors to the side for safety, you can use large, sliding doors to “reinvent” your space, closing them, opening them, or opening them only half way depending on how you want your area defined.

Sliding barn doors are especially useful for main rooms, as they can be used to close off additional rooms for private parties, or be used to separate a bar and a restaurant space. When used for entryways, sliding door hardware can make it easy to open the entrance up to the public, such as an open air patio that closes up during poor or cold weather.

There are some things you should consider when adding sliding door hardware. You will want to have alternate entrance and exit routes, due to municipal fire codes. You’ll also need a long length of wall to make a sliding door feasible. But when properly styled and placed, a sliding barn door can offer a memorable touch to a unique location.