Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Making Vacation Rental Easy with Lodgify

This company is one you want to consider if working in the vacation rental industry. No matter where your property is located, Lodgify aims to make the management thereof effortless and profitable. They specialize in creating a fully-customizable website for owners so that everything they need to do can be done on one easy-to-use platform.

Vacation rental property has become a popular way for people to make money online and this company has tried to capitalize on the growing industry. Renting property isn’t a new thing, but with the beauty of modern technology, it can be started, managed, and upgraded from the comfort of your home.

There are two things worth considering. Firstly, do you have a trustworthy support team on the ground, and secondly, do you have a means of advertising and managing your bookings. Because you are doing everything from home, you might not be able to actually get to the property. It could be in another country. This is where your support team comes in. Lodgify can’t help you with this, but it works great when you have a fully established team to work alongside it.

When advertising and managing your bookings online, you have to have a good control over all the platforms you use. A website and some social media pages are often standard practice, but will any website do? With default website builders, you might be able to create a beautiful page, but is it compatible with the job? No, and that is where Lodgify steps in. Their website building software is designed around Vacation Rental and it has been designed to include various features to make managing your business far easier.

The most useful of these features is the cross-platform capabilities and booking management. Lodgify does everything for you. As long as you have listings on other online rental websites, they will all be summarized on your website calendar, ensuring you never double-book or forget about a client again.

Lodgify is easy-to-use and you don’t need any background in website design. As long as you have your property, some pictures, and your online listings, your website will be set up in no time.

There are other similar website builders available online, so making your choice can be difficult. Lodgify is a reliable brand with good customer support. The prices are reasonable, varying depending if you have a single property, $29 per month, or multi-property, $69 per month. They offer a 7 day trial period, which will make your financial commitment feel safer. There are no hidden costs involved and the website does not take a commission for your rentals.

One thing worth noting is that the number of free templates available is rather limiting. This is something evident on most website builders, but if you are going to want to build a stunning and unique website, you will most likely want to fork out the extra money for the paid template. This website will match your business’ needs and make online promotion and management far easier.