Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Netflix Italiano

Netflix has become a household name in media content streaming and it is currently available in most countries worldwide. There are some quirks to figure out, though, when It comes to using your Netflix account to the full.

It’s Not About Where You Come From

Netflix originally started in the United States and therefore that is where the entire catalog of shows and movies are accessible. It used to be that you could get an American Netflix account just by logging on to the website and registering an American account but not anymore. Now it is not about where your account is registered but rather where you’re accessing the site from.

Your Digital Location

If you didn’t know, your IP address shows exactly where in the world you’re connected to the internet. This is how Netflix blocks you from accessing the American account unless you’re actually in America. Some places, like Europe, has an entire region where you can access your account. That means that if you registered a Netflix Italian account, you can access Netflix Italy from, let’s say, Germany.

Different Catalogues

The best account to have is an American one. With the American account, you can access any Netflix item from any country that Netflix is affiliated with. The content that your country has access to on Netflix is because of the agreements that Netflix has with those local broadcasting and network companies. For example, if Warner Brothers have a contract in England with Netflix Britain, then they will have less of the original content that may contain other companies content like Sony’s. Also, they will have titles that are exclusive to that country. So Netflix Germany will have exclusive German content that can’t be accessed from Italy but you can get Italian subtitles and sound in Germany because it’s part of Europe.

VPN’s to the rescue

By using a VPN, you can change your IP address. This means that when you log into your Netflix account (or register it) then it will pick up that you are in the country that you chose by using a VPN. In other words, you can register or access an American account. You will first have to find credit card details that you can input that is registered with America, but this is solved by using an app that generates those details.

So if you are using Netflix Italiano because you live in Italy but you want access to the full catalog of titles then you can use a VPN. You must search for a VPN that works for Netflix though but don’t worry because there are plenty that is designed specifically for this.

What Are The Best Choices Of VPN

For unblocking Netflix titles then Express VPN is the top choice in my opinion. It offers a 30-day money back guarantee so you can even just use it for a few weeks and then get your money back. Other recommended VPN’s are NordVPN, Cyber Ghost VPN and PrivateVPN.