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New Year New Job? How to Get Started in the Financial world 2019

So, this new year, you want to know how to enter the investment banking world? Regardless of the fact that it is a much lesser prestigious sector that it was before, it doesn’t pay you so much as engineer jobs in tech companies. Well, with these prospective downsides, the investment banking and financial sector continues to get heavy traffic and recruitments across the world. But, the very first question is financial field right for you?

How to get in the financial world in 2019: The 4 major ways

  1. If you are an undergraduate from the top university, then it is the simplest and most cost-effective way to get in the industry, but you need to choose early on that when you wish to pursue IB, very early like in your 1st year only. If you do that, then you have a great chance of getting in.
  2. If you are a recent graduate and go for a role related to IB like corporate finance, corporate banking. The finance recruiters in San Francisco hire you depending on the market conditions and your field selection. If you have been undergrad for 3 or more years, then the recruiters may not hire you till you have a MBA in your kitty.
  3. If your full time job doesn’t have anything to do with finance, but you want to get a job in investment baking or finance, then going for the best MBA program will help you get in the industry. Go for the top program and you have a greater chance of getting an IB offer.
  4. After the MBA level, when you have 10 years of experience and you have become an executive in your company but you want to break into IB, then you have a chance to get appointed as an analyst, VP or associate.

No matter what path you have chosen, but your sequence of work is important to showcase your commitment, calibre and interest.

  1. For undergraduates, they need to go for internships.
  2. For recent graduates, they should go for rotational programs, full time jobs and more.
  3. For MBA level, the candidates should apply for full time jobs and pre-MBA internships.

Los Angeles finance recruiters often use undergrads or MBA level candidates for recruiting. Sometimes corporate lawyers and Chartered accountants are also hired into investment banking after complete training and internships. Some banks have programs dedicate to hire these candidates in 2019.

The year 2019 is filled with different propositions for candidates who are interested in banking and finance sector. Some of the important things to get hired in the banking field in 2019 are:

  • To have relevant experience on your CV or resume.
  • With the required experience, you should have a developed story to your name.
  • Learn to bankify your CV so that just one glance gives your complete intro.
  • Go for reliable beacon staffing to get immediate acknowledgement for the job position you have applied for.
  • Prepare well for your interviews.