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Plumbing Tips and Tricks for New Parents

Having kids in the house makes life more joyful. With that joy comes the responsibility to teach your kids how to properly use the plumbing in your home to avoid plumbing problems. The tips in this blog past were provided by Start using them today for a less stressful tomorrow.

No Garbage (or Treasure)  in the Toilet

Teach your kids early that the toilet is not a garbage can and that it should only be used to go the bathroom. The only thing they should put in it should be toilet paper. If they understand from an early age that it’s only for the bathroom, they are less likely to throw stuff in there that will clog it. Here are a few items to teach them specifically not to put in the toilet:

  • Paper towels
  • Paper tissue
  • Leftover food

In some cases it may be easier to teach them that the garbage can is for garbage, instead of teaching them not to put garbage in the toilet.

Don’t Pour Crafts Down the Sink

Crafts are a lot of fun and are a great way to spend the afternoon with your children. However, they need to learn that leftover paint, glue, glitter, and clay should not be poured down the kitchen sink. That’s just a clog waiting to happen. This is especially true of clay. That will create an instant clog and will often result in the need of a new pipe.

Don’t Pour Oil Down the Sink

If your little ones help you with household chores, like cleaning the dishes, you need to let them know that cooking oil doesn’t go down the sink. Let them know oil goes in the garbage. That’s all. You don’t have to explain that it’ll cause a clog unless you believe they’re old enough to understand.

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