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Private vs. Public Schooling: Three Key Differences  

Every parent wants to see their child thrive when it comes to education. Because education is the first path forward every child has to create their dream life, what type of school a child attends is crucial.

But how do parents choose between public and private education? Is private schooling really better than public education? And, more specifically, how are private schools in Atlanta different from public schools?

Private school is a good choice for any child, and in Atlanta, there are several options for parents. And while public schools are a good source for education, private schools have a unique perspective on helping to raise a child that parents will enjoy.

From personalized growth opportunities to a more robust education, here are the top three differences between private and public schools.

Far From a Standard Education

Private schools differ greatly from public schools in educational opportunities and subjects. Public schools must adhere to state and federal guidelines for curriculum, the education found at these institutions tend to be standardized.

Private schools, however, have the opportunity to build a curriculum that can be inclusive of ideas, religion or culture. Because they are not beholden to government testing or standards, these schools can also offer unique subjects for students, allowing them to pursue interests from an early age.

A Personalized Approach to Growth

Along with a fantastic and well-rounded education, private schools can offer students personalized growth opportunities. This can include gifted and talented programs, counseling, private tutoring, and more.

This can be done at a private school because these schools are smaller than public schools and are supported by tuition and donations. The money is then used to provide students with the exact educational experience they need in order to become ethical professionals.

Unique Opportunities

Private schools do require tuition, a difference that is not lost on parents. However, the tuition helps fund unique opportunities, such as missionary trips, fine arts experiences, guest lecturers, day camps, and more. Students will be enriched with several options for an outside-of-the-classroom experience.

Private schools often have various opportunities available throughout the calendar year. This is because these institutions believe that students learn best while engaging in the real world. While public schools can fund field trips, they cannot compete with private schools on these opportunities.

Choosing between public and private schools in Atlanta can be a difficult time for parents. Once they settle on a good private school, they will rest easy knowing their child’s education is in good hands. And for those children who have the blessing of attending a private school, they can be assured that their future is in good hands as well.