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Reasons Every Women Need to Add Pearls in Their Jewelry Box

In the past pearls were rare, so only royals and affluent families owned them but the discovery of cultured pearls has made this precious gem available and affordable to everyone. However, the elegance and beauty of pearls is still the same as it was among the royalties. Women prefer to own pearls in her jewelry box because it is versatile. It is suitable to be worn on any occasion and with any outfit.

Reasons every woman need to add pearls to their Jewelry collection

Powers and pearls

With pearls women can create their personal style statement, which can be seen in every life aspect including journalism, politics, arts and sports. Women in influential positions include great pearl necklaces in their routine working wardrobe.

First ladies like Jacqueline Kennedy, Barbara Bush, and Michelle Obama always wore pearls during their White House duties. Powerful women photographs can be seen daily wearing their signature pearls. Celebrities like Katherine Heigl and Scarlett Johansson regularly walk down the red carpet in glowing pearl ropes and strands.

Energy and pearls

  • Pearl is popular for its powerful calming effect.
  • It is capable of balancing the wearer’s aura.
  • It grounds you to the earth in any kind of chaotic situation in life.
  • You get firmly secured to reality and not become sceptical or jaded.
  • Your mind gets enlightened and you get to identify the rights from the wrongs.

Pearl brings energies of generosity and charity. In addition, it will also attract faithful and loving folks in your life.

Healing and pearls

  • Crystals healing is offered by pearls in treating muscular system issues and digestive tract disorder.
  • Aids Infertility and alleviates pain related to childbirth.
  • Restores natural rhythm and balance in human body.
  • Regulates hormone level.
  • Beneficial for lung disease like TB, asthma, and chronic bronchitis.
  • Lowers acidity and neutralizes the toxins.

Pearls blended with other gems

Pearl blended with blue Opal – It is used for treating fever, eye-ailments, indigestion, bleeding, rosacea, and acne. Nerves, muscle tissue, and adrenal glands get strengthened. Stress levels reduce, so risk of maladies like hypertension and headache gets eliminated.

Pearls paired with Black Quartz – This blend treats stomach aches and cold. It reduces allergies, boosts immune system as well as heals the lymphatic system.

Above are some good reasons that make pearls remarkable for women of each age to wear them. It not just illuminates her inner glow but even offers positive and healing energies.