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Short and curvy? These fashion tips are for you

Dressing for your body shape can help you look and feel confident. These style tips will help short and curvy girls update their style without making any new purchases.

1. Tuck in your shirt.

Shorter, curvy girls will often find that all shirts are too long and can be unflattering around the middle. To fix this issue, try tucking shirts in. Tucking in your shirt will also help to section your body in a more natural way. Pair your tucked-in shirt with some boyfriend jeans and trainers for a cool and casual look.

2. Accessorise with belts

Where possible, try to introduce a belt into your outfits. This will not only show off your natural curves, but it will also break up the shape of your body and make your legs look longer.

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3. Pair asymmetrical dresses with heels

Asymmetrical dresses can give the illusion of more height, which can be further enhanced by pairing them with heels, making your calf look longer. Asymmetric maxi dresses, such as those available from AX Paris at, are great for achieving this look. According to Cosmopolitan, maxi dresses with a split are also great for giving more balance and definition to petite figures.

4. Opt for dresses or skirts

Show off the shape of your body with a more fitted dress that pulls in your waist and accentuates your shape.

5. Avoid trousers that bunch at the bottom

Trousers that bunch at the bottom can make you appear even shorter. Avoid this by opting for jeans that cut off at the ankle area instead for a cleaner look.

6. Avoid ankle straps

Ankle strap sandals are more flattering for shorter, curvier figures if you can’t actually see the ankle strap. Otherwise, they can make your calves look bigger than they are. It also cuts your legs off, making you appear shorter. Try lower heels to give your legs the height they deserve.

7. Tailor and cuff your tops

Adjusting the straps of your top to the correct position will help you look slimmer, whilst pulling the bottom of your shirt to the correct length will cover your bra straps. Cuffing long-sleeved shirts will also stop them from swamping your figure, whilst wearing a blazer over a boxy shirt prevents your shoulders from looking too broad.