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Should you buy a car from a dealership or private seller?

Unlike a new car, the only place you can find a used car is at a used car dealership or the roads with an “on sale” tag on the windows. Should you buy from Bloomington Indiana car dealers or the private party? Below is a highlight of why the dealer is always a safe choice.

Benefits of purchasing a used car from a private party

  • Reduced costs

Vehicles sold by the owners are cheaper than those in dealerships. It is because dealers have to cover the expenses of reconditioning the Car Parts kia, advertisement and commission. Not forgetting administrative costs that come with purchasing the vehicle from the previous owner.

On top of not having profit margin worries, private sellers are in most cases willing to sell the car as soon as possible. As a result, their prices are highly flexible and negotiable.

  • Well maintained vehicle

Most people who have kept their vehicles in the best conditions cannot accept a dealer’s trade-in offer as they believe that their road machine is worth much more. Nonetheless, you stand a chance of buying this car at a better discount than you can get at the dealership. Such vehicles also come with proper documentation such as service records.

  • Faster dealing

The seller is always in a hurry to sell off the used car and will do so as soon as a serious buyer shows up. It is more real for those selling common models as they face stiff competition.

Demerits of buying from a private seller

  • Dealing with strangers

The entire purchase is based on meetings with strangers. From inspecting the car to the test drive, you depend purely on human trust. As a result, it is essential to take precautionary measures such not having meetings at the seller’s premise and instead meet at busy open places.

  • No warranty

You want to have a place to run to when the vehicle starts to indicate problems you never noticed during the inspection. Bloomington Indiana car dealers always certify their vehicles; provide short-term warranties, and even money back guarantees. You do not get this with private sellers. Once the deal is done, the chapter is closed.

  • Paperwork is your responsibility

Paperwork is a crucial part of a vehicle purchase deal. When buying a car from a used car dealership, the dealer is responsible for this. Otherwise, it becomes tour responsibility. Furthermore, when you buy a vehicle from a private party you will have to resell it yourself

While private party sellers almost always provide better deals in terms of price and speed, their offer fails where it matters most. Issues such as warranty, details and personal safety are not worth compromising just to save a few bucks even if the seller is your cousin.