Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Some Bitcoin Gambling Tricks You Should Be Aware Of

When it comes to playing Bitcoin games, you can easily increase your chances of winning. No matter if it’s making the most out of the promotions, free money for games etc. paying heed to these tricks will surely help in improving your crypto casino experience.

  1. Look out for anniversaries or milestones

You might want to keep a fact in mind that Bitcoin casinos love to celebrate anniversaries and milestones by giving away a lot of promotional stuff and freebies. Follow their social media to keep yourself apprised with these events.

  1. Make the most of their royalty programs

Many Bitcoin casinos love to showcase their loyalty or level program which offers you rewards for staying active in the gaming experience. Many casinos choose to offer great cashback returns, but you shouldn’t restrict yourself to a few casinos. But find the ones you love and invest yourself in them. There are also specific rewards for Veteran players like preferential or fast track withdrawals, rewards, and random tips.

  1. Look for your zero house edge games

This means that casino has no advantage over you when it comes to betting on the results. This feature was, is or will never be available in traditional and conventional casinos. If you wonder than 1 percent house edge and 0.5 percent house edge is a small difference, you are wrong. It is a whopping 500 percent difference. In mathematical terms, 0 house edge is endlessly better than any other house edge.

  1. Found problems? Be nice to support others.

Most of the Bitcoin casino gamblers keep themselves apprised on the social media or Bitcointalk to rant about slow withdrawals or account issues, whining that they have waited for hours for their huge sum of satoshi withdrawal to clear. But, if you ever encounter problems with your account like withdrawals pending, deposit not showing, it actually pays to be nice. It doesn’t only solve your problems quickly, it might help you discover a small tip for the inconvenience caused.