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Spa Treatment Vacations for Your Wellness

One of the main reasons why many people go on vacations is to see the beauty of what lies beyond where they stay. Many places offer the best opportunities for travellers to enjoy their stay as much as possible. These opportunities include scenic views, cruises, luxurious accommodations, water sports, hiking, biking, relaxing and enjoying different cultures like food, religion and the locals. One place that is a favourite for many travellers is Bali Island Indonesia. Bali Island is the epitome of beauty and no place in Indonesia has the kind of sceneries you will find in this island.

To top it all up, Bali Island is also home to some of the best hotels in the world and among them is the amazing Ayana Resort and Spa, which sees people from all walks of life visiting it annually. Besides the beauty that surrounds the resort, many people also visit is for other reasons besides the food, the world class accommodation and the ocean view. Many people visit the resort because it also caters for the wellness of the body and mind through their spa massages and treatments. The massages range from ritual to modern methods of full body treatments that leave you feeling whole, refreshed and rejuvenated. Below are some of the best spa treatments on offer at Ayana Resort and Spa.

Holistic Wellness at Ayana Resort and Spa

Besides being one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, Ayana Resort and Spa is also home to the most amazing spa facilities. The resort’s focus on holistic wellness goes beyond just a relaxing swim in one of their many pools or a few hours at the fitness centre. It includes, aromatherapy indulgence and pampering using essential oils, creams, gems, shells and water that leave your skin exfoliated and body and mind feeling refreshed. Below are some of the most popular places to go and have a special pampering for you and your partner.

Spa on the rocks

You will not know what luxury is until you visit Spa on the Rocks, which is simply the best Ayana spa in Bali for real pampering. The spa treatment includes two treatments that utilise the power of precious stones for relaxation and healing. Perched on the Clifftop, and overlooking the Jimbaran Bay, Spa on the Rocks combines the sensational treatment with deep tissue massage. The 90 minute massage targets specific areas of the face and body that are prone to stress. The treatment ritual starts with a footbath whose purpose is to detoxify and balance the body using the gem stones.

The stones are very smooth and have a deeply relaxing sensation that sweeps across the whole body. The treatment uses both jade and pearl stones, which are ultra-luxurious and pampering. From the foot ritual follows a full body scrub using crushed wild pearls. After the full body scrub, the pampering continues to an aromatherapy massage using botanical oils that hydrate and deeply nourish the skin leaving it well exfoliated. All this spa treatment takes place inside the Clifftop Villas with amazing sceneries and the breeze from the ocean making it even more sensual.

Thermes Marins Spa

Ayana also holds the largest aquatonic pool in Asia that attracts thousands of visitors annually. The pool located at the Thermes Marins Spa features 12 hydro massage stations that use therapeutic jet streams and micro-bubbles for treatment. The water used for the 60 jets streams and the pool water come straight from the Indian Ocean and warmed to optimum temperatures.

This aqua healing process calms and invigorates the whole body by targeting different parts using differing intensity and positioning. the pool not only relaxes your muscles, body and mind, but it is great for people with health problems such as eczema, psoriasis, back and muscular pains, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and those with low immune systems. Other benefits derived from his spa treatment are better sleep, stress relief, muscle toning, improved metabolism and anti-ageing therapy.

Wrapping it up

With all the above benefits, a visit to the beautiful Bali Island will be much more than just sightseeing and the food. You will go back with better health and a more relaxed body and mind. There are many more options to explore for your wellness and healing at the Ayana Resort and Spa and all you need to do is visit the place to enjoy the best therapeutic treatments you will not find anywhere else.