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The Best of the Lot in Essay Writing

Nominalization weighs down sentences, essays makes them more abstract and reduces understanding. It is therefore the enemy of writing an effective text. If you eliminate nominalizations, you will produce more fluent and clear sentences.

Use the most common verbal times and methods

It is simply an invitation to avoid sophisticated verbal constructions. The indicative is the most common verbal mode and therefore the easiest to understand. Therefore, prefer it to the subjunctive or conditional, if its use does not alter the meaning of the sentence and does not break any rules of grammar or syntax. If you get the essay writing tips website then surely you will be able to have the best choices now.

Use simple prepositions and conjunctions

The prepositions and complex conjunctions weigh down the texts and render the contents less transparent. If you want to write a more readable and understandable text, use simple prepositions and conjunctions, then for example, “for the purpose of” and “with the aim of” are replaceable with a simple “for”.

Avoid unnecessary technicalities

Use technical or bureaucratic jargon only if you are sure your readers understand it. Don’t be self-referential at all costs! Writing an effective text means above all writing in an understandable way for those who read you.

Avoid useless acronyms and acronyms

Delete all unnecessary abbreviations. Use them only if you are sure that your readers will understand the meaning. At the limit, when you mention them, the meaning is extended in brackets.

Use the words of the Basic Vocabulary

  • Always choose the first between a common, simple, direct and sought-after word. 
  • Because writing a text with a good degree of understanding is possible if you use very understandable words. 

A tip: use the words of the basic vocabulary of the Italian language. They will help you write much clearer texts.

Use concrete words

Words with abstract meaning do not help you write effective text. They are too vague: they can lead to ambiguous interpretations. For example, why use the word “liquid” instead of “money”? The concrete words help the reader to visualize the concepts mentally. Thus the degree of comprehensibility of your texts increases.

Similarly, use simple verbs instead of abstract verbs or heavy verbal constructions. For example, use “pay” instead of “pay off” or “pay”.

Take care of the logical steps between one sentence and another

A text is not trivially a series of sentences isolated one after the other. Writing an effective text means creating a series of sentences coherent with each other and well linked to each other. To achieve this, make the links that link sentences more explicit.

Don’t fear repetitions

At school they teach us to avoid repetition of words. It is not always the right choice. Of course, finding the same word repeated several times in a few lines is annoying. But often, a repetition increases the chances of writing an effective text. Why? Every word of the Italian language has a specific meaning. And many times it is more to clarity to repeat a word than to venture in search of its unlikely synonyms.