Monday, September 16, 2019
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The ErgoStool 2: An Office Stool Designed for Comfort and Health

With the work week going well past 40 hours for many full time employees, it can be hard to imagine spending all of that time on anything other than an office chair. The cushioned back of the chair and armrests provide a break from having to sit up straight, and often are used more often than not. The science behind posture and bone structure, however, says that these are not good habits to be making. Additionally, spending any more than an hour a day slumped in a chair or leaning to one side can seriously damage the spine, neck, and overall bone strength of the human body.

A trend to combat the long hours spent at a desk during the work week has been standing desks. Not all workers can utilize a standing desk, for a variety of reasons, so Autonomous has designed a seating option to replace the traditional office chair that provides the same seated comfort with dynamic options for positioning the body in more healthy positions and postures.

Next Level Sitting with the ErgoStool 2

The ErgoStool 2 from Autonomous is an office chair alternative that still provides the same ergonomic benefits and comfort of their other revolutionary pieces of office furniture. Autonomous has grown quite a name for itself in the ecommerce world, highlighting ergonomic, health-conscious furniture at a great price for remote employees, traditional office workers, and entrepreneurs on the go. Those who are constantly moving are big fans of the ErgoStool 2 for its lightweight design, and easy to grab and go functionality.

The ErgoStool 2 has a wide seat base to accommodate the body fully, avoiding that nasty habit some stools have of only covering part of the user sitting on them. It’s also cushioned for maximum comfort. Covered in a body responsive cushion, the ErgoStool 2 does not wear the body down over extended periods of time while seated, and provides support to keep the body feeling alive and fresh. The lack of armrests or a backrest also ensure that working professionals using the ErgoStool 2 at their desk have great posture. Even if posture is a problem now, the ErgoStool 2’s dynamic design is meant to correct errors made by traditional office chairs over the years.

Mobility, Even While Seated

The ErgoStool 2 allows the body something that traditional office chairs do not: mobility. No, the stool is meant to roll around, but it does allow the body to sway and move naturally. When standing, the human body redistributes weight and strain to different parts of the body to keep balance. While seated on the ErgoStool 2, the body also moves as comes naturally, and this accomplishes two things. First, it builds core and back strength, meaning better control over the body and posture, and two, it keeps the body in a more natural position to limit the negative impacts of sitting.

If sitting gets to be a drain, even on the ErgoStool 2’s ergonomic design, adjust the stool to a pseudo standing position thanks to the 24” to 34” range of height options. This helps to accomodate all users as well as offer different styles of seating. A higher stool means more room for the legs to stretch out, which is important during long days at the office.

Autonomous has perfected the office stool with the ErgoStool 2. With color options and great deals on bulk orders, Autonomous helps in every way they can to ensure that the office is an ergonomic, health-conscious hub for state of the art furniture and working conditions. Order the ErgoStool 2 today at, and start sitting smarter, and working more effectively.