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The Most Beautiful Flowers to Grow in Monsoon Season

Mud! Traffic! Incessant honking! Late for work and home! – This is a facet of the Monsoon or rainy season in any metro city. But if you take an oblique look, monsoon may have different meanings to different people but to most of the Indians, it is the time for an energizing cup of ginger tea and a plate full of fritters. Some love to simply sit on the balcony and gaze at the grey sky that is shedding a part of it. Kids love to jump into the water puddle and sail the paper boat. The new couples love to take a stroll or take a long drive to enjoy an ice-cream or roasted corn.

Nature also upholds a breath-taking sight. If you look into your surroundings just after a rain shower, you would feel as if someone took the paint brush and gifted a colorful canvas. One of the most exhilarating ingredients of this season is the Monsoon flowers. They add a vibrant ecstasy to the whole climate. When you see these happy colors blooming at your terrace, you know that the relaxing monsoon is here to cool down the sultry summer.

Here is a list of some of the most beautiful flowers to grow in Monsoon season. Bring these flowering plants home today and welcome Monsoon with smiling petals!


The scientific name is Delonix regia and is also known as a flame tree. The distinctive fiery reddish orange color makes it visible from a long distance. There is a cool flamboyance in these flowers which never fails to boost up your bad mood. Gulmohur flowers bring a lot of hope and cheerfulness in loves. You can call it an archetypical monsoon flower as it blooms only when it is continuously raining. This flowering tree would bring vivacity in your garden! The seeds and fern-like leaves of this tree are medically useful.

Cape Jasmine:

The smell of cape jasmine is pure nostalgia just like the first love. There is an essence of romance in its fragrance that fills up the heart with good feelings! Gandharaj is the other name of this flower. The sweet flower can be kept as the center table décor. You may also keep it in a small vase in your bedroom as it has sleep-inducing properties. The lovely smelling flowers symbolize romance and thus as a gift for your sweetheart on a rainy afternoon, you can take a bunch of cape jasmine!




Plumeria is a tropical tree which is world-famous for its dazzling flower also known as frangipani. The other names are – Pagoda tree, Temple tree, and West Indian Jasmine. In many floral wedding jewelry, we see the use of this flower. They are available in many colors from white to red, from pink to lemon, and all other shades of orange, yellow, and golden. It symbolizes charm, rebirth, grace, new initiatives, and beauty. In Hindu culture, this plumeria flower signifies dedication and devotion. In Buddhism, it represents immortality and that is perhaps because this tree lives for more than a century. In Hawaii, this flower is used in happy occasions. If a lady wears it over the right ear, it means she is single and if she wears it over the left ear, it means she is engaged! Let this fragrant flower spread layers of happiness in your life!


The name itself is beautiful and this flower is native to Mexico. The word cosmos means ornamental, beautiful, and organized in Greek. The soothing fragrance of this flower added with a vivacious color makes it a symbol of modesty and peace. This flower is mostly used to express one’s love for a special person. So, let your sweetheart know about your deepest feelings this monsoon with a bunch of cosmos!

Monsoon Cassia:

One of the commonest and prettiest flowers of the rainy season is monsoon cassia. The bright and warm yellow flowers bring a new ray of love, hope, and happiness. The leaves of this tree are a rich source of protein and would strengthen your cattle. Place it in your garden where it can get enough air and sunshine. You can use these flowers as a front door décor and welcome your guests.

The monsoon rain is pure magic and this magic is evident in the beauty of the monsoon flowers. So, bring these flowers home today and relish the bursts of rain!

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