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Things You Need To Know About NDIS

We are going to learn more about NDIS in this article. NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. You might have plenty of questions regarding NDIS. There are plenty of processes and acronyms connected to NDIS. We would love to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding NDIS occupational therapy for children. Read on to find out more about NDIS.

Applying for NDIS

How can I apply for NDIS? This is a frequently asked question. Let’s have a closer look below:

  • First and foremost, you need to find out if you are eligible for NDIS or not.
  • You can find out your eligibility online by having a look at NDIS Access Checklist.
  • You may also make a phone call to National Disability Insurance Agency. You need to use this number – 1800800110.
  • Or you can request for an Access Request form, which will reveal your eligibility.
  • You will get in touch with a LAC (Local Area Coordinator) upon submission of the application. The LAC will be there to guide you through the process.
  • But there are other ways too. You have plenty of local options to choose from as well. You have the liberty to choose the agency of your choice.

Mental illness and NDIS

Many people doubts regarding the names of the mental illnesses supported by NDIS. As far as the eligibility is concerned, they will see the chances of this condition to be permanent. They don’t really focus on the illness or the individual disabilities. But yes, they will look into it in case they need to prove the permanence. Here you achieve the same through your disability form.

Getting an NDIS plan

People have heard of NDIS plans. They would like to have one of those plans. But they are totally clueless as how to get one. Once you have applied for it, the agency will make sure that you have a planner who is there to assess your support needs. They will also provide a Support Coordinator and a package to your cause. We must tell you that it is your duty to maintain a good relationship with both. In order to walk away with a suitable package you need to have a smooth sailing relationship with the planner. You need to have a good relationship with your Support Coordinator as well, as the partnership is what decides everything. In order to have the NDIS plan, you need to be done with the planning process. You will find all the information you need in this plan. You will have details like funding, support delivery timings and your supports.

Accessing the NDIS services

You have questions regarding NDIS services and how to access them. As mentioned earlier, you will be given a Support Coordinator once you have a plan. He will be responsible for bring support services and paid providers to your table.

We have covered some of the important topics here in this article. We hope that this NDIS FAQ article has been useful to you and that we have answered your queries.