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Three Unusual Uses for Rattan Garden Furniture

Any garden owner will be well aware of the value of rattan garden furniture as a decorative element for a garden, patio or garden area. The neutral, yet highly appealing appearance of this material and the elegant design most pieces made from it tend to boast ensure it lends a versatile, understated yet also visually striking quality to any area it is inserted in. Further, the earth-tones rattan items tend to be offered in – such as browns, greens and creams – ensure pieces made from this material blend in well into a garden, particularly one where the aesthetic revolves around natural elements and materials such as wood.

Yet rattan garden furniture’s main and most popular use is far from the only one pieces in this material can be put to. The lines below offer a further three suggestions of more unusual functions rattan furniture items can serve, and which are often disregarded or not considered by home and garden-owners.

Poolside Furniture                                               

One of the many items of rattan garden furniture stocked by most major retailers in the field are sunning beds, which are of course a perfect item to have by the poolside, as a more stylish and upscale replacement to the traditional, folding, plastic sun-beds. While far less present in public consciousness than rattan sofas or chairs, rattan sunning beds boast all of the same qualities which have made those items best-sellers in the home and garden market, and can look just as stylish sitting by the side of a pool as their more famous counterparts do in a garden or patio setting.

Furthermore, the waterproof and weather-resistant nature of most synthetic rattan items helps ensure rattan sunning beds used as poolside accoutrements will not damage or lose their lustre from prolonged use. Unlike plastic sunning beds, which can break or lose their shiny sheen over time, the rattan variant will look just as pristine years down the line as it did the day it was first installed. As such, it is clear to see how and why these items would make for perfect substitutes for plastic or metal sunning beds in a poolside setting!

Balcony Furniture

One of the main complaints apartment dwellers tend to have about their living arrangements is linked to the fact that, unlike their home and garden-owning counterparts, they are denied the privilege of enjoying rattan garden furniture. While easily understandable in light of the public perception of rattan items, however, this view is not entirely accurate. Certain rattan items are especially designed to fit into narrower spaces, and this design is not at all incidental. Much to the contrary, in fact; rattan manufacturers want to ensure flat owners are not left out when it comes to enjoying pieces made from the material, and design certain items especially to be displayed in balconies – the so-called ‘balcony sets.’

Unfortunately, as noted above, not many people are aware of the existence of these sets, and as a result, their sales and overall popularity level tend to be significantly lower than those of their garden-oriented counterparts. Even still, flat-owners who are aware of these pieces can attest to their suitability as balcony seating options, and hopefully this alternative functionality continues to grow in popularity in years to come.

Conservatory Furniture

The third and final alternative use for rattan garden furniture is as furnishing for a conservatory. Conservatories tend to share many of the same traits and requirements as garden seating areas, where furniture and landscaping are concerned, and it therefore comes as no surprise that rattan garden furniture is suitable for this purpose as well.