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Tips on How to Record a Webinar Video

Creating a webinar video allows you to reach out to a large number of people about your products at at a fraction of the cost of hosting the webinar in a rented place. Through a webinar video, you can encourage the audience to take actions on your products and increase sales. You want the quality of the webinar to be good so that people will benefit from your presentation. Good planning and lots of practicing are the keys to record a successful webinar.

Since you are the presenter, you must plan for the presentation of the webinar. This include the topic, content and the script for the presentation. You can find free templates for webinar script online which you can edit it for your own presentation. Before reading the script, make sure you have double check it for spelling error.  A script that is full of error can cause your audience to struggling in understanding the speaker.

You also have to make sure that your microphone is working efficiently so that the webinar has good quality audio. If the audio quality is bad, people will stop paying attention and leave the webinar. To make sure it has good audio quality, you should try to do the recording in a place with a quiet background. Using an external microphone is the best for recording as integrated microphone on the laptop tend to have a lot of background noise issues. Before recording, make sure you test the audio to ensure that it can record your voice clearly without any issue. Get more details at

Using a screen recorder to record the webinar is the best if your webinar platform does not support a live recording feature. The screencast recorder uses a webcam to record the webinar. Recording the webinar with a webcam can get rid of the shyness that has to do with recording on a video camera.  It helps you to feel more confidence in making the speech presentation. The webcam must be set up at the right angle in the best position on your monitor.

Besides, you must also take into account the ambience of the room, for example, the room must not be dark. There is no need to set up the background to be too professional as many people are in more favor to casual videos nowadays. Your audience definitely will not expect your webinar to be Hollywood quality.  

It is important to understand the  control panel of the screencast recorder in advance. In this way, you don’t have to pause the recording every now and then to look for the functions you want to activate during the screen recording session. You can use the screen recorder to practice recording for a few times until you feel the presentation is satisfactory.

Once the webinar is recorded, make sure you review the view in a preview screen and make edits if necessary. You can trim away the anywhere in the video that has long silence. With the video editor, you can also create an attractive thumbnail to go along with the webinar video. If you spot some speech mistakes, you can always delete that part in the video editor. In the video editor, you can also add extras like background music, subtitles and calls to action to make the webinar video more user friendly.