Monday, May 27, 2019
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Why speed is the effective factor to get mobile visitors

A small business owner can make his company distinguished from others with the creation of a mobile-optimized website. However, a survey has revealed the fact that almost 50% of these businesses have no mobile-friendly website. But, those, who have this mobile-friendly website, have comparatively increasing audience at their site. A report from Google has shown that almost 58 % of online visitors do not prefer a business that has no mobile-friendly site. We have observed a number of important facts on how the mobile and non-mobile websites may affect your business.

Increasing speed should be the main focus

Your customers not only look for mobile sites but also want a platform, which works fast on their mobile device. They leave those sites, which take a very long time for loading. Slow page loading is a very common complaint, made by lots of users.  Increase your blog page speed and avoid all these complaints against your website.

Speed- It is the main factor to measure your ranks

In the past, there was no impact, if a web page load speed was slow. However, at present, this loading speed has become of the major metrics to determine the rank of your website. Thus, the search engines prefer those sites, which run fast on the mobile platform. Considering the importance of speed, you have to take steps to optimize your site.

Excessive content at the website

Many of us believe that due to the advanced technology, mobile UX may be better. However, one of the main reasons behind the slower page speed is the presence of too much content. For instance, if you have added lots of videos, graphics, and images, your site can work at a slower rate on the mobile platform. In many cases, the responsive web design may also cause issues at the time of loading. Though the viewability may be acceptable with this site, other adjustments can delay the speed.

Higher standard, set by Google

To give a better experience to the users, Google tries to drag only the preferable sites in the online queries. The present standard is that a website has to provide the result to the viewers within 1 minute.  However, it is also true that there are several factors over which you have no control, as a website owner. PageSpeed is a common tool, which helps in measuring the performance of your website. This also gives you recommendations for the improvement of your site.

Thus, for all these reasons, you have to increase your web page speed. Make your target at the mobile website visitors, and it will also allow you to enhance the deal of your website. Always ensure that your potential customers are getting the best experience from your site. Whether it is a simple website or an e-commerce app, you have to boost up its loading speed. You can also hire the certified SEO experts to optimize the time of loading pages on your website.