Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Will eSport Overcome Traditional Sports?

The Internet has introduced a lot of fascinating information and provided people with accessibility to this information. It has improved countless things in our daily lives. Gaming competitions used to be just a small group of friends playing against each other with a minuscule prize pool. Now with the power of the Internet, it is possible for hundreds of thousands of gamers to play together. Tournaments are held on more than 100 different games and eSports have taken the world by storm. Now it begs the question, will eSports overcome traditional Sports? We are inclined to think that yes, and among the two, we would bet on eSports.
The reason we bet on esports is because of their current popularity. Already in 2013, game seven of the NBA was broadcasted on ABC, it racked up to 26.3 million viewers. Keep in mind that ABC is a completely public TV channel. Compared to the world finals of League of Legends tournament that drew 32 million viewers on twitch which is a website you have to specifically know. In 2018 the amount of people who watched the League of Legends World Championship peaked at 205 million viewers on the Grand Final, where most of the viewers came from China.

Why should you bet on eSports overcoming the odds? Let us see how eSports and traditional sports compare in marketing. Esports and traditional sports sell tickets and souvenirs but eSports capitalizes on showing the prize pool of their tournaments to excite their viewers. The wow factor in eSports is usually the insanely high prize pool. No other can compete with the 2018 Dota International tournament which had a prize pool of a whopping 25.26 million dollars. What was interesting and awe-inspiring about the large sum is a large part of it was funded by the players and consumers of the game via in-game transactions showing us how much the people enjoy their video games.

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) have increased in popularity and do not seem to be losing steam. The strategy involved alongside hundreds of characters to choose from in a 5 vs 5 battle to destroy the enemies main base have fans at the edge of their seats when a team fight breaks out. This is no different than traditional sports as for instance when a footballer scores a brilliant goal or when basketballs player shoots 3 pointers from the middle of the court. These feats of ingenuity send fans roaring.

Updates and Change
Traditional sports are interesting and exhilarating but the same games over and over with no new sports being introduced will slowly make them stale. On the other hand, new video games are constantly being made. The newest eSports trend is a game genre known as online battle arenas like Pubg and Fortnite. This brand-new genre of games has just been released a few years back and has already gained huge popularity. Even older games like Dota 2 are made fresh once more with updates that can change the entire flow of the game. Traditional sports maybe classic but theyare unable to compete against the dexterity of eSports with their constant flow of new games and updates. So, we bet on eSports overcoming traditional sports because of the ability to change with the time among other reasons.